What games have you played recently?

Currently (and for several weeks now) I’ve been playing Death Stranding Directors Cut (PS5). Previous to that was Evil Within (Xbox One) and the most recent titles prior to that was The Last of us (parts 1 and 2) as well as Days Gone (PS5) and Dying Light (Can’t wait for DL 2). 60 years old and I still love my games. :slight_smile:

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I’m turning 46 next month and I still love me some gaming. I’m gonna still love gaming when I’m 60 I know that. I recently finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey having had it since it came out. Played New World for a spell, recently got back into DDO and SWTOR. Getting set to finish up Cyberpunk 2077. Debating whether to install Skyrim and actually finish a playthrough this time or go straight to The Witcher 3. EEEAAAGERLY awaiting Dying Light 2 myself.

Starsectors for the past couple of weeks, and before that it was Icarus for the previous month.

You and me both. That was one of the best games I’ve played in years but I have to say, Death Stranding gives it a run for it’s money even though it is in a completely different genre (which, I honestly couldn’t classify if I wanted to).

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Haven’t played either but I’ve heard of both. I think my son played or plays those).

Hear hear! Dying Light is my favorite zombie game hands down, so the sequel should be an instant hit for me unless they really buggered it up somehow.

I have been playing New World off and on as I really like the winter event. I also have been playing Book of Demons, great little card-lite, ARPG that does not take itself too seriously. And finally, playing Outer Worlds again since I never played the expansions.

There are so many damn games out there. lol
What types of games are those. I’m usually playing RPG/FPS

Outer Worlds is an amazing RPG/FPS from Obsidian that did Fallout New Vegas. One of the best worlds I have ever seen.


Looking. I have Dying Light 2 on my radar right now (pops in 2 weeks - Feb 4). Playing Death Stranding now while I wait. Almost finished with that soon (I think). Checking this though

Gotta admit though, that trailer is pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

I have Death Stranding in my Steam Library, I just have to get around to playing it someday. I played it on the PS4 when it first came out and I wasn’t feeling it at the time, but it wasn’t so much that I didn’t like it as I just wasn’t into the style of gameplay then. I do like the weirdness of it and the mix of creepy supernatural stuff and future tech elements.

Once you get to see the whole story play out it is a really amazing piece of story telling.

Borderlands 3 (a new start but as Moze again)
No Man’s Sky
7 Days to Die (they released A20)
War Hammer 40K Inquisitor (Have a main + play the seasons. Season 4 atm)
Grim Dawn
Cyberpunk 2077 (Waiting on 1.5)

Nearly 52 here…don’t cut yourself short at 60. I’m pushing for at least 80 or until arthritis gets so bad that I cannot work a controller.

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Genshin Impact (on & off again)
Pokemon: Arceus (just finished story…not typically a Pokemon gamer, but that one is really decent)
Occasional season of Diablo III because who knows when Diablo IV will make it out

Hopefully by then we will have brain powered controllers and if we are still in our right minds we can play that way.

I was thinking the same. :slight_smile:

New to OTG, Hello!

and ive recently started playing Star Citizen, so far im hooked