What Game Are You Playing?

March 2020-

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Solo mode. Story mode is fun. Multiplayer can be fun with friends, but it is shallow and gets repetitive. Professions, as far as I know are online only, are a repetitive grind for the most part. Last I heard Chinese hackers are still an issue on online.

  • Black Mesa- Relive the original Half Life game, amazing in its time, pretty good now. :slight_smile:

  • Divinity Original Sin 2- A pretty good RPG, other than if you are like me, you probably need an online guide to find quest stages. :oops:

  • World of Warships- Still playing Random battles, still cursing the game. I’ve got 2 Tier 9 ships now, USS Iowa and Jean Bart, the latter a premium battleship I earned though game points.

  • Fallout 4- It’s still hanging in there as a gaming home away from home. :smiley:

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Destiny 2 and ESO Greymoor

Mostly LoTRO, soon to be Cyberpunk

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At the moment.

Wolcen 80%

This of course changes frequently


BattleTech (Ironman Career Mode for me)

World of Warships…just when I’m in the mood…have most of the t10 BBs and CAs so I don’t really have any goals here any more.

World of Tanks Blitz…I love this one compared to old WoT…well kinda. I stay out of the tier 9-10 crowd and usually play 5-8 where most of my favorites are…and no arty! It’s win-win.

Jurassic World Evolution…this was on sale and I find it surprisingly fun if you like the building/research/genome/watch your dinos wander and get sick so you can heal them/ game

Master of Magic on Steam…one of my all time favorites has a mod which is pretty good and makes the game more fun (imho)

plus a bunch more…I’m usually all over the road

edit: I left out Panzer Corps 2…it’s different enough from 1 to be fun…but I’d probably play it anyway if it wasn’t!

Picked up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order through the Steam sale and have been playing through that campaign. Otherwise, the occasional game of Rocket League and Overwatch. Considering picking up Animal Crossing on the Switch.

ARK, the island map in single player… sort of reminiscing.

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RdR Online (haven’t played more than three single player missions in the solo game yet… guess I need to do that)

Just picked up Sea of Thieves for a try based on what others in the RDR Discord have been saying. Time will tell on that one

Battletech w/ Enhanced 3062 Nexus Mod.

World of Warcraft, The Witcher III, Tomb Raider 2013, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone are the games in my current rotation. Soon will be The Division 2, EU4, HOIIV, EVE Online, LOTRO, Stardew Valley and more!

A wee bit o’ Conan Exiles on our esteemed colleague’s server

Fantasy Blacksmith-(Smithing simulator)

Ground Branch- (old School Rainbow six style game from original R6 devs)

World of Warcraft, Planet Coaster (omg I suck at building coasters from scratch), Cooking Simulator. :roller_coaster:

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I got lost POE2 and quit playing because I did not want to mess up one quest by finishing another before it and causing a mess. Which is what I have now. I have restarted it twice on normal and once on turn based. Really do not like how everything gets jumble, because I love everything else about the game.

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I would not say World of Warships has and endgame, just the fun or frustration of PVP. :slight_smile:

Planet Coaster can be a real challenge. I got bogged down in my first build.

O had the xbox game pass for pc for 3 months and played Gears 1, gears 5, Outer worlds, a little Halo, and most of A Plague Tale: Innocence. I definitely got my $1’s worth!

So now that that’s run out, I’m back to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Jedi: Fallen Order, or Remember Me.

The wife is trying to play Banished while she waits for Ostriv to do some bug fixes on their latest Alpha 3.

Oh, thanks for the reminder about Black Mesa! Almost forgot that existed, lol!

WOW, Wolcen, Last Epoch, maybe i’ll look into Black Mesa again also.

Die Young
I found this on Steam and purchased it during a sale for $10. When purchased its looks like you get 2 games, one is labeled as the Prolog. I started with the Prolog. In the prolog it is described as a vacation on an island gone wrong. You start out in a sewer system, looking for a away out and off the island, picking up items, crafting basic stuff, and being tutored with mechanics. The game looks pretty, built in the Unreal Engine.

After a couple hours of play, I disliked the checkpoint save system, as I am a casual player. You can get though some difficult situations, then die before a checkpoint, and… you have to do it all over again. Because this is early access, I have suggested an easier save as you go system for casual players, in the game’s discussion forum at Steam.

It looks like this is escape and evade game, with a lot of Tomb Raider climbing. I don’t know how much armor if any you acquire. The weapons so far are a wrench, stick, craft a knife, a baton and a crossbow I took off a guard. I checked out the game’s wiki page and don’t see other weapons listed, so the bottom line you are not a powerful character, or have the ability to become one as far as I can tell. It seems to be best to run away often. I have taken guards down with minimal health loss, but frequently, one fight with a guard or crazy person can result in a 25-75% loss of health, and keep in mind health kits are few and far between. There are drugs that can be crafted to help with healing.

The weapons don’t show stats, so you either guess what is most powerful (wrench, more powerful than a knife) or find the game’s Wiki page.

Anyway, I’ll stick with it for a bit. In a sequence, I killed some dogs, killed a guard, got the crap beat out of me trying to administer a syringe so I could acquire a crossbow, no stealth kills as far as I can tell, then soon after died, and was offered the chance to restart at the last checkpoint before all this happened. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I spoke with developer at Steam, and the Main Game (not the Prolog) does have difficulty settings which allows saves at any time, however there are no stealth kill mechanics. I’ll switch to the main game, continue playing, and report back. :slight_smile:

Die Young Update
Here is a review I put on Steam, after I played it some more.

I purchased this during a sale for $10. You get 2 games, one is labeled as the Prolog. I started with the Prolog, where it is described as a vacation on an island gone wrong. You start out in a sewer system, looking for a away out and off the island, picking up items, crafting basic stuff, and being tutored with mechanics. The game looks pretty, built in the Unreal Engine.

However as a “casual” player I disliked the save mechanism, which is sparsely placed camp fires. After communicating with the responsive developers, I was informed that the main game (same premise, nightmare vacation ) in Adventure Mode includes the ability to craft campfires with the sole purpose of saving the game. Curiously, crafting a campfire does not create a campfire in the world, where as a real campfire allows you to cook meat, Maybe since the game is in early access, this feature will be added in the future where crafting a campfire, actually creates one. I have not yet figured out how to harvest meat. A knife does not seem to do that. I’ll go research this online at the game’s wiki. :wink:

So, after switching over to the main game, which allows the player to craft “save campfires” and locating the difficulty settings under Options, allowing me to increase my stamina, strength, and hydration (even after the game has been started) this has turned the game around for me for the better. I’m not going from full hydration to empty in 40 minutes of game play. I can save a game at a time of my choosing without too much effort. With a heavy wrench (found In the vicinity of a broken water pump), a knife I found sticking out of a dead dog, or a home made knife, I can reasonably expect to emerge from a dog fight reasonably uninjured. Exploration is fun and I’m enjoying the game.

Of note:

  • The game encourages exploration, you’ll find things of interest, and supplies, items. When you are no longer so worried about dehydration, you can more enjoy your surroundings even under the circumstances. :wink:
  • The game guides you with objectives, frequently found by way of notes written by people in the game.
  • It has a fun climbing mechanism like Tomb Raider or The Climb, with a fatigue element, easy to execute.
  • There is a perception mechanism that highlights significant objects, people, and animals, making it easier to navigate the landscape.
  • Crouching is sneaking, always helpful, especially in tall grass or crops.
  • Being able to fine tune the difficulty level for personal preference makes all the difference in enjoyability
  • Combat with other than the big sickle hulks, is doable, and makes you feel good about your combat prowess. At least you no longer feel like a weakling, if you have modified the difficulty settings like I did. :wink:
  • Most buildings, if they can’t be accessed via a door or window, can be climbed. Look around for a way up.
  • I can’t say how much replay ability the game has. Once you’ve seen and explored an area, you’ve seen it. I suppose you could go back and see what you missed, but at the current price, this would not stop me from purchasing it.

So, to wrap up, being a relatively new player and not that far into the game, I’m enjoying it,

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