What class fantasies would you like to see?


Warlock -

Affliction: Plague Master (i’m picturing Pestilence)
Destro: Firenado (You have heard of Sharknado, now witness the true firepower of swirling infernoes)
Demo: Master of the Kaiju

Shaman: Witch Doctor

Rogue: Swashbuckler


Disc: Battle Cleric Mace/Shield with Mail Armor

Holy: Fanatic Cultist (Like the Blood Trolls in BFA)


Arcane: Wizard & the Magical Creatures of the Wizarding World (Full on Harry Potter Ripoff)

Frost: Lich (isn’t it the goal of every mage to learn everything, mortality gets in the way of that)

Fire: Supernova with a Lava Tank Pet

Why don’t you suggest those? Who knows, they just might use something from your list.

Because I was kidding on most of those…

Awwww…I thought several were quite entertaining.