What class are you leaning towards for your main character? (Poll)

Figured out the poll. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Also, nobody is going to hold you to your response. This is just to get a feeling for what our class distribution might look like.


Holding a spot here to add a poll if it can’t be edited into the post above.

Until then… I’m leaning towards Shaman.

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I’ll main a Ranger. However, being an altaholic, I’ll give 'em all a try. :grin:


I chose Warrior, but Dire Lord is a strong possibility. I am also intrigued by the Summoner.

Awesome! Let’s see how this poll goes. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for setting this up, @Meeks!

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Can you add an undecided option to the poll? I really have no idea until I get into alpha/beta and try different classes out.

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I thought about that, but it kinda defeats the purpose of the poll and I don’t see an option to change your vote. I’d be inclined to say just refrain from voting until you have a better idea of your class preference. Are you still able to see results?

I have never been much of an altaholic, but I’ve been trying to change my ways with recent MMO’s I played. I am leaning towards Monk for my main, but if there’s a lot of people playing Monks in the guild to start with, I might go with something that no one else is playing to mix it up for the guild/group stuff. I would go with Bard for main, but looks like Bard is not until post launch. One more month and I start making lots more money at work for 6 months and I can buy into the alpha.

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Pretty good mix so far. Probably going to need a cleric and enchanter too. :slight_smile:

I was thinking wizard, though enchanter or rogue looks tempting


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If there’s a deficit or total lack of Clerics, I may play a Cleric as my first main.

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Cleric has always been my first and could be again if the needs rises, but looking for a enchanter.

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It’s obviously way too early to draw any conclusions from such a poll. But I’m more than happy to go cleric if that ends up being a need. I enjoy the role very much.

That’s true, @Meeks. It’s still early days at this point. We’ve got a pretty good diversity of classes, even from the first 20 responses or so. As we move into Alpha and Beta, I can’t wait to see how this evolves! :slight_smile:

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Thinking cleric here as there seems to be a shortage! LOL
Probably be playing a Paly and maybe a Ranger as well.

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Wow, that was an impressive surge from the necro population. As for me, it’s a toss-up between Warrior and Dire Lord.

(Is it alpha yet?)

I put down Enchanter as my main because that’s what I played in EQ but I will definitely also be trying Shaman , Druid, and Rogue

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I came across this post on reddit that I think is very relevant and interesting.

Enchanter, bard, and druid all seem to be very popular in the polling. On the other end of the spectrum, monk, wizard, summoner, and ranger are pretty consistently low in the polls.

Also, looking at things from an archetype point of view, I was very surprised to see DPS as the least popular choice by a decent margin with CC and healers on top.

This is the type of information I like to factor into my class choices. Based on what I’m seeing, Summoner might be what I’d choose if rolling a new character today. How about you?

That’s an interesting analysis, @Meeks

Two of the top three classes are Control. From the discussions I’ve seen, it seems like this an archtype people miss from older MMOs. Maybe they’re just excited. :slight_smile:

For the low-percentage classes, my guess is that it’s because there are more DPS classes to spread people around – 6 in total. The overall group balance seems good, with 20% control, 25% heals, 22% tank, and 33% DPS. In a six person group, that works out pretty close to 1 tank, 1 heal, 1 control, 2 DPS, and a wildcard. It’s just the DPS options are more fragmented.

Each DPS class is between 4.4-6.0% of the population they looked at. I think we’ll see folks settle in as more details on each class come out and as more folks have a chance to test how each feels to play.

For now, I’m still looking at Shaman! :wolf:

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I think my main will be a cleric, but I also want to play an enchanter and a shaman… Will have to see how it all pans out in the end. Descriptions sound wonderful but reality can be something different.

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