What are your hobbies?

As my momma used to tell me… it’s a pretty day, go outside and play. My first paddle of the season and boy am I outta shape.


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Are you sure you work in IT? That’s twice in a week you’ve been caught outside and more than 10 feet from a computer. There’s people out there, and bugs, and germs, and did I mention people?

It’s amazing… the graphics on the game “Outside” is outstanding. But there are bugs.

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One of my hobbies is nature photography. It’s currently bird season at the moment so here’s a shot I took last week.

Amazing photo Cruman!

I play bass and keyboards and always looking for people to play/make music. I also do internet musical collaborations so if anyone is interested in this contact me. Below is a collaboration of Sultans of Swing.

Love me some classic Dire Straits. I see Gerry hangin out there.

Check this out for your bird hobby if you want to mix a little geek in with it.

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I do a rather eclectic mix of hobbies. I build wooden ship models. Mostly 18th century. I also build and race 1/24th scale slot cars. Both round dr round and drag racing… Of course I waste time on New World and WOW!!

Is that like the slot racers that run on the track with the electric motors?

Sure is! A quarter mile drag strip is 30fy in 1/24th scale. My fastest car covers than in less than .6 seconds! We have 10-16 different classes of cars and also bracket racing! It is fun!