WH 40K Inquistor Martyr

This one flew under my radar. Well saw the trailer on steam a couple years ago by now? Anyways, saw it on sale and the tags (hack n slash , arpg , events). I’ve watched a couple you tube videos … seems like WH 40K I.M seems like a diablo , grim dawn , titan’s quest … which sounds great to me. Looks like there’s events, event loot, trophies, alot of character developement attributes, skills, what seemed like “runes”.

Just wondering if anyone has played it.

I have been playing it since beta, I do have a cabal if you are interested in joining OrdosMalignus and I am Brostrodamus in game. Yeah they just came out with seasons, pretty cool but I have been playing for 2 years now and not having all my unlocks is a big change. I like the game a lot though. Will probably be playing it for another 2 years.

Also in a similar vein if you like GW games and lore, they are coming out with Necromunda soon and if it follows what they did with Mordhiem, it should be really good as well. Different style of game and different studio, just depends on if you are a GW fan or not.