Westmarch servers

I am once again asking for your help in finding a Westmarch server that doesn’t suck…wait a sec I don’t think I have ever asked before. Curse you Bernie Sanders memes that are showing up everywhere!

Anyhow, anyone here familiar with the Westmarch server fad popping up a lot lately? They are essentially sort of the MMO of tabletop RPG’s with persistent game world and the DM’s run one shots mostly set within the realm. Players can play the same character across different one shots and advance that character like playing in a long campaign.

Sounds good, but finding a Westmarch server that is worth a squat is tough. Too many servers have lazy or unimaginative DM’s, don’t make much use of the world lore they made, play favoritism or just base everything off anime (which I can’t stand). A lot of them also only use play-by-post or text based stuff which bores the crap out of me lately.

Anyone here familiar with the Westmarch setup? Anyone here found a good Westmarch setup? I’m looking for something that uses roll20/Beyond20, fantasy Grounds and/or The Foundry. Preferably something where the DM’s aren’t all obsessed with anime as well. Anyone have any recommendations, referrals or suggestions?

I’m in a play-by-post discord Westmarches server, been there for a year now. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Let me know if you think that may tickle your fancy. It is pbp, so it doesn’t use anything but discord with avrae for dice rolls and character control.

Thanks for the recommendation. I am really trying to find Westmarches that don’t rely on pbp, but I will look into it if I don’t come across something that suits me better.

There is one for the Savage Worlds setting of Deadlands that I have played a few games in. It uses a Discord channel for coordination and some between games stories.

I saw this post on reddit for a west marches campaign in pf2e recently: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder2e/comments/lul2pn/pathfinder_2ewest_marchesdiscordlgbtq_friendly/

It sounds like it is mostly pbp in discord but there may be some voice chat options too. I’m thinking about giving it a shot.

I’m currently involved in a Westmarch style server focused on Dark Sun. The mods seem pretty serious about it, you have to fill out an application and then have a brief interview to get in the server.

@Ocelot thanks for the info, but I don’t care for pbp that much and I think Rando’s Thursday night game is enough PF2e for me at once hehe.

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