Werewolf questions

Hi all,

I have a couple of general questions that I did not see in the usual build/class guides regarding werewolves.

  1. Do werewolves spend much time playing as their base class once werewolf is unlocked? I was thinking of stamina/bow for use in Cyrodiil for instance. Can you accomplish both in one stamina build?

  2. What is a good level to get to in your original class prior to becoming a werewolf?

  3. Should the aspiring werewolf save up some skill points for once the skill tree is gained?

Thanks for the insights in advance!

For some silly reason, I get a kick out of considering a khajit who turns into a werewolf. :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently unlocked the ww skill line with my stam DK. Lots of fun rampaging through delves. I would definitely save up skill points for leveling You can get to level 10 in ww in a few hours of gameplay. With the latest updates, i find I have to be careful in towns if I have been active as a ww. The NPCs will recognize that I am a ww and follow me around. I have seen some players being killed by guards for being a ww even when they are in human form.

I haven’t used it much in PVP but I think a group of us would be a real hoot!

I would have enough skill points saved to update all passives and morph skills prior. You can reach ww 10 in about 2 + hours in the instance. Just make sure you have the 2 hours to grind. Then go to a public dungeon and get to know the ww line. You will spend about 75% in your base class (unless you have a real good spawn area). WW can be tricky in pvp. Get to know the ww line real well. Oil and fighters guild line hurts like hell in pvp as a ww.

Thanks for the input. I got my level 20ish stamina warden bitten and have been grinding zombies north of Sentinel in the desert zone that begins with an A. I had about 6 to 8 skill points saved up, which made it fun.

I read that warden doesn’t buff WW much in terms of skills, but it does generate ultimate points quickly so it should mean less time outside of werewolf form. The nature-based theme of the warden fits the wild Druid schtick for the character. Though bosmer probably would have fit a bit more easily than khajit.

I have a Wood Elf Nightblade Werewolf (Very decent DPS and fun to play!). Also have a ton of gear with speed increases, which helps with a melee DPS to close the gap. In non-WW form, this toon is spec’d mostly in Assassination and Dual Weild. The currently skill bar includes:
Ambush (Teleport Strike Morph) Assassination
Blood Craze (Twin Slashes Morph) Dual Weild
Blood Thirst (Flurry Morph) Dual Weild
Deadly Cloak (Blade Cloak Morph) Dual Weild
Killer’s Blade (Assassin’s Blade Morph) Assassination
ULTIMATE: Pack Leader (Werewolf Morph) LOVE the two combat wolves from this one! AND both of the Dire wolves count towards Call of the Pack passive, which increases the duration of remaining in WW form by 40%!)
Just to round out this character’s spec, have a full set of Night Mother’s Embrace (Reduced detectablility 2 meters, and 25% reduced cost to sneak). Also have a full set of Night’s Silence (Ignore sneak movement penalty), which, when combined with The Steed (11% speed increase), plus a few Divines enchantments (Mundus Stone effects +7.5% each), and ALL three jewelery Swift (5% speed increase each), she sneaks faster than most of my other toons can run! Nirnhoned, both swords (+15% extra damage each). All passives maxed in: Assassination, Dual Weild, Medium Armor (Which helps even more with speed), Werewolf (of course!), Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild (even MORE sneak bonuses), Wood Elf Racial, Blacksmithing, Cooking and Clothing.
Werewolf Skills are:
Brutal Pounce (Pounce Morph)
Infectious Claws (NOT upgraded yet…DOH!)
Ferocious Roar (Roar Morph)
Howl of Despair (Piercing Howl Morph)
Hircine’s Fortitude (Hircine’s Bounty Morph)
Probably my most enjoyable character to solo play!

Do many of you with werewolves run the characters on the coffee runs on Sundays? It would be fun to have a pack. I assume that the pack leader ability extends to werewolves in a large group setting.

I am focusing more on my pup, so he’ll be out and about frequently. Though I will probably wimp out and run as an archer in Cyrodiil more than werewolf.

Yes, the Call of the Pack skill does indeed apply to all werewolves in the group (as well as the two combat dire wolves if you have that Ultimate morph) up to a maximum (Can’t remember exactly off the top of my head, but thinking up to 6…). And with Pack Leader, adds x2 combat wolves for every werewolf that has that!
Always solo my werewolf, but a “pack run” sounds fun! So chaotic!