Well did an ship adjustment today

Well they introduced the Misc Odyssey today and I had a look at it. After some thought I put some of my store credit I’ve had sitting around to upgrading the Perseus I had gotten somewhere along the line ( Can’t remember when I did get it) to the Odyssey.

The Odyssey is a littler bigger than the perseus, but has a minimum crew of 1 with a maximum of 6, where as the Perseus was min of 6/max of 6. This will give me a nice base of operations with the cargo, hanger for a ship and ground vehicle plus some, mining and refining capability. The Kraken when it came out was just too big for me to imagine operating it without losing my shirt in game or out of game given it’s selling price.

Nothing else jumped out at me during this event either existing or new ships other than the Odyssey.


I traded my nautilus CCU (which was a credit placeholder anyway) in for the Odyssey explorer for now. Not sure that I will keep it as it looks to be a jack of all trades type and not particularly good at anything. A lot of ships like the Caterpillar, Hull series, BMM, Crusader Ion got bumped up in value.

I was thinking of melting one of my 2 Carrcks for the Odyssey but I’m not sure that’s a good move. I have a duplicate Carrack and Starfarer and was looking to CCU them this IAE sale but would appreciate any viewpoints on what I should CCU them too, if anything, or keep for another day/ ship? I know they’re big ships and it’s not ideal so I’m in a couple of orgs but I’m more interested in the minimal crew options.

Well my viewpoint was just it finally gave me a ship I can carry other ships and vehicles in that could sorta of serve as a base of operations. And the fact you can fly it with just one person was a double plus. Most of my stuff other than a handful of ship I had the one or two person requirement with. The mining and refining was sorta a bonus to me. The main thing that sold me was I could carry some size ship in the hanger (waiting on them to flesh out the max size of what will fit) and also carry a ground vehicle or two (hoping both the dragonfly and the Tumbril RC) will fit in the ground hanger. And then the Tier 2 medical bay. Plus cargo room.

I thought the Argo Raft was interesting as well. But I already have a Hull B and a Freelancer Max. So did a pass on it.

I have a few large industrial ships. But whether I ever actually fly them will depend entirely on how NPC crew and or computer blade AI will work. That is why most of my ships I have only need a crew of 1 or 2 to fly them successfully. And the Odyssey fit that bill as well (At least right now). It could turn into like the Starfarer where the minimum crew at one point was 2 to 4, and then they reworked it and the last time I checked that was up to 6 o 7.


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Man, I would love to upgrade my Carrack to an Odyssey but the lack of money is a problem. :smirk:

The mining/refining is just a sales gimmick in my opinion. I don’t think it is practical to mine with such a large ship and then the other thing is that asteroids aren’t likely to be around where you need them. The asteroids may be infested with pirates also. But who am I to say since I also picked up a Odyssey as well…for now.

Note that your cargo space is shared with the ground vehicles that you plan to have onboard

If you had the Hull C at its original price of $200.00 it would be a great ship since it has a small crew requirement. It’s still not a bad value at $350.00 for the amount that you can carry and you can upgrade it from the Starfarer at relatively low cost.

I don’t think you can go wrong staying with the Carrack. You get the 85x I think whereas you don’t with the Odyssey.

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Yeah I just can’t see the Odyssey being able to be crewed by a minimum of 1 person, I suspect that will change to at least minimum 2 if not more.

For sure, I am only slightly disappointed I am broke and can’t afford to upgrade to an Odyssey. :smirk: I will be quite alright with my Carrack and Pisces. Still, I wonder if I could fit my Hornet Ghost in the Odyssey :thinking:

Sorry my bad on the 85x. I’ve seen suggestions that you can carry a sabre on the Odyssey but I’d wait for the official response from the Q &A. There is speculation that you “might” be able to squeeze 2 prospectors in the hanger as well??

Good points! Although I’m not sure about the Hull C (I have it in buybacks for $220) but I’m concerned it’s big and vulnerable to attack, esp with external cargo.

So I bought the CCU from the Carrack to the Odyssey and can wait and see…if it turns out all good, I can CCU one of my 2 Carracks to the Odyssey, if not, use it as credit.