Welcome Crows

So I wanted to make sure Everyone knew who I was. I will be taking lead on Crowfall to get you guys launched without issues. A week ago I took on two foster care kidos. Now there two less out there in the system but with that I was also given the summer off from work. A nice perk. So I will be around most days when I am not do things with them.

I was the CL for Vanguard at launch and an officer for the original launch of FINAL FANTASY XI and Classic WoW so I have done this a few times.

@Finbar some how always pulls me in.

We have a large guild piggy bank so I hope to get us some cool stuff if we can figure out what we want to do. I got us the best guild package already but we may be able to pick up some extra land if we want it.

I will be on at launch and feel free to hit me up in discord.

This is a PVP games so that does mean a bit more strategy will be need at end game but we can work that out over the summer as we learn more about the new systems and what classes we like to play.

Above all else lets have some fun!


Thanks for stepping up (Again!).

Helping to raise 2 future gamers, very awesome! :slight_smile: And of course thanks for stepping up and holding the Crowfall craziness together. It’s now launch day, so now the real fun begins!

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