Weird question

ok I bought the heavensward expansion on my ps4. I bought Stormblood on PC. Does this mean I can use Stormblood content only on PC or will I have access on my ps4 as well.

I’m asking because I want the Shadowbringers CE and might not be able to get the PC version I want.

Take my response with a grain of salt, since I don’t have the game on PS4, but as I understand it, while you can use the same master account (two service accounts under the same SE master account) to play on both PC and PS4, you have to purchase the actual game separately for both platforms and register each platform under a separate service account.

That is correct, you need the game on both platforms and registered on your account, as they are different systems they require that. but u will only get the stormblood content on the system u installed it on if im correct on that.