Weird forums issue with posting replies/quoting posts, any ideas?

So in recent months I have been experiencing a strange issue with the forums and posting replies. If I choose to reply to a specific post so that it tags that post and the poster when I actually post the reply it does not tag the post I am replying to. The reply is just posted as a comment/reply to the thread in general with no indication what I am replying to in specific. This also happens with quoting posts, it will not tag the post I am quoting and just posts my reply to the thread in general. I have no idea why this is happening and it happens whether I am on my home PC or my work PC. I gotta say, it is really irritating and I’m not sure what to do to fix it as I don’t know what is causing it. I’m on Chrome.

Anyone experiencing/experienced this or anything similar? I can’t recall running into this issue longer ago on this forum or on other forums.

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I don’t see any problems on my end. to quote something you can highlight it with your mouse then click the quote button that pops up.

Clicking the reply button just replies to the thread now it seems. I used to be able to choose between replying to the user, replying to the thread, or to just bump the thread.

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@Ryukan, was curious if @Kelryth answered your question. I’m not understanding what you mean by ‘tag’ unless it’s the @Name? Is that what you mean?

No, the issue isn’t me asking how to quote a post, I know how to do that. The issue is that I can quote a post or reply to a specific post, but once I actually hit the reply button the post does not show the quote in it or show that I replied to a specific post. Of course in trying to show an example it didn’t do it this time and worked a normal. I’ll try to get images of an example at some point here.

Is this when replying to the most recent post or further up a thread?

Honestly I haven’t paid that much attention to it. It seems to only happen with the first couple quotes or replies I make when first hitting the website on any given day.

So if you notice the post above this one, I made that post as a direct reply to your post just like this reply and it still didn’t tag it as a direct reply to your post.

when it doesn’t work do you see this menu?

hmmm, my post didn’t link to you wierd

Don’t know I don’t use that menu, I simply hit the reply button on the specific post and usually it tags it with the poster I am replying to.

Yeah that is what I am referring to, it seems to always happen with the first one or two posts I make in direct reply to a specific post. Or if the first reply I make coming to the forums is a quote it will not show the quoted content in my reply post.

If it’s the 1st reply it won’t quote. There is no point in quoting something right above you. The forum just assumes its spam, cuz obvious reply is obvious.

You can edit your post and push it through. I think you can muck with it before posting your reply as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve tried.

This is still happening and now that I have two threads going for the tabletop games I am running it is even more irritating as I have to remember to @tag the person I am replying to as the post won’t tag the reply to the specific person/post.

or you can quote a bit of text? I’ll try to watch for this behavior, too. I haven’t seen it yet, but I rarely do direct replies.

I’m still not clear if you’re replying to the post directly above yours (working as intended), or one further up.

This is a test reply to a post by Ryukan, 8 days ago to see if the tag works correctly.

Edit: tag worked

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I think if you choose any of the options, it creates some sort of link to the topic and the tagged person you’re replying to goes away.

Last idea…. Is there a preference or setting that is in the particular forum that @Ryukan is using OR, @Ryukan is everyone in the forum having the same issue or just you?