Weekly Event Schedule - 3/14 thru 3/20

This is a cross post of information available in our #pve-events channel in discord. This is being posted on the forums since we have many members in game who are not regularly logging into or following discord. It’s my hope that by posting here as well as in our discord pve-event channel we can reach the most players.

As always recruits are welcome to attend even before approved just show up and message anyone with an OTG tag and tell them your an applicant and want to participate. We’ll figure out how to get you involved!

This Week’s Remaining Schedule

Wednesday @ 8:30pm EST
Elite Chest and Supply Stockpile Run: Malevolence and Imperial Palace
Great for racking up expertise, crafting materials, and generally just having a good time with guild members.
Meet in Valor Hold

Friday Pre-Event
OPR Introduction Stream
Phingers has volinteered to take a few folks into OPR early and stream the match in discord. The goal is to talk through the objectives, show everyone the map and give them a crash coarse in how everything works inside for all those who have never been. Check with Phingers if your intersted in watching to find out his planned start time!
Contact Muhuut in Discord for more Info

Friday @ 9:30pm EST
Guild OPR
All about the fun and mixing it up in PVP as a group. Guaranteed gold, caches, and umbral shards even if we lose.
Meet in pvp-events voice channel in discord

Saturday@ 7:30pm EST
Lazarus Expeditions and Mutations
This is by signup and does have some requirements. Details can be found here.
Meet in Reekwater

Sunday@ 12:15pm EST
Coffee Run
Something casual something fun. Organized by Techrising or another volinteer as needed.
Check discord on Sunday Morning for details