Website not working on chrome

Hello, had to use firefox to access the site since it won’t load properly on Chrome.

I have used nothing but Chrome for over a decade. I don’t seem to have an issue. Are you getting an error message of any kind? Can you describe what you mean by “won’t load properly”? Screen shots would help.


No issues apparent for me in the UK either , did notice it updated itself earlier today to

Version 107.0.5304.122 (Official Build) (64-bit) sometimes needs a poke to update itself

Have you tried installing Canary the experimental version of chrome had it fix issues in the past even after uninstalling it. could be worth a try you know open and shut the door and try again :slight_smile:

109.0.5410.0 is I believe the latest version of Canary although it changes all the time.
It is not recommended for general use as its buggy as hell and there for testing new features

Have you tried clearing the cache? Go to fix for a lot of Chrome issues.

I live in US and have used Chrome for years with no problems.

I’m viewing this website on Chrome right now. No issues.