We still have people playing!

We still have some members of OTG playing Fallout 76 . With Wastelanders DLC coming out for free in April , I wanted to extend a invitation to play if anyone here decides to play again. Contact me via Discord Major Lithium#4991.



I play off and on and will begin to play more regularly as we close in on Wasterlanders.

Elidien#8408 on Discord.

I upgrade the game now and then with the intention to play when the expansion comes (or maybe sooner).

I am playing the game several times a week. I am Hawkstone#2448 in discord – Hawkstone86 in [bethesda.net]

I’m late to the party but I’m here. Bethesda is Aelirenn01 and discord is Aelirenn.

Does anyone do or considered a Fallout 1st sub?

I looked at it, but haven’t decided. On the one hand, I like the idea of a private server, on the other hand, everybody I’ve come across in game so far has been really nice and friendly, or as friendly as it is possible to be with waving and thumbs up. lol

I have the Fallout 1st. I like playing on a private server. I just got up to level 50 with the triple XP weekend. Looking forward to Wastelanders.

I will get Fallout 1st after the migration to Steam. I have a level 60 2 handed build, level 20 shotgun and after Wastelanders drops…going for a combat medic.

I have made a scavenger. I am running 15 in strength, endurance, and intelligence. I am hoping to get a lot of crafting recipes.

HI all! I just started playing Fallout 76 this evening, I am Whyterose7 on Bethesda.net (PC) :slight_smile:

and find me for 1st servers (on PC) || LupusNoctis

I was wondering if anyone in OTG was hanging out in Appalachia. I’m Istolil in 76. I currently have Fallout 1st for the month as well. No guild discord access at the moment though.

Lots of people apparently. I just restarted recently and am playing with my son… but when not with him am playing a bit on my level 30 who got bugged on the main quest.

Can find other players in the F76 Discord channel though.

So last night my friend and I fired off our second nuke and got the wendigo colossus to spawn. That is a tough fight!

And right after that someone else shot off a nuke and the scorchbeast queen spawned and it was the highest level on I had ever seen.

Both in one night…that was one of the best nights of gaming for me since taking down Onyxia or Ragnaros the first time.

We had so much fun. I truly love this game.

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My searching skills must be rusty, any chance I could get a link to the OTG Discord server please? Hoping to hop on and join some folks in 76 chat.

It’s under GG- shooters