We are looking for a content writer/creator for a new branch of our business

I’m looking for a gaming writer. Please DM me to discuss if you’re interested.


  1. Must love games (I don’t think this is a problem here)

  2. Absolute Zero political commentary.

  3. Zero SJW commentaries.

  4. Must be inclusive without writing BS. To elaborate, we want all to be able to engage and get entertained or information out of everything we do.

We will provide assets for any topic of gaming. Even tabletop gaming.

This gig is remote, but if you live in NYC I’d like to meet and buy you lunch.

To add, if we send you a physical copy or digital code for review of a game or unboxing or whatever, you get to keep new games. Retro games, we will legally give you a rom copy (we have relationships with publishers) and how to set it up to run (Windows PCs only for this). Table top, you’ll get material, some you can keep some you must return. Like dice sets, they are all yours, some books and such, all yours. A game set, probably yours to keep (we need confirmation from the publishers on this one).

Backstory. We are expanding our business to also include online media. We are currently a game retailer. Dominantly retro and import games, we succeed because we have a face and a presence the community can trust. I personally have applied to be a TO for MTG tournaments, we’re going to do gaming, all gaming.

You can find us online here: J&LGAME.com. We are located physically in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. We are actually moving to a 4500 sq foot space, that should be completed before the end of the year. We are doing extremely well where others like GameStop are floundering. We don’t have customers, we have community and friends (if that makes sense to you).

I won’t post our social sites, as I don’t think it’s needed or appropriate for here.

Thanks for your time. If it’s not appropriate here, can someone please point me in the right direction?