We are experiencing thunderstorms and massive winds

I hope anyone in the path of these current storms stay safe. Out area was just hit with really high winds and a thunderstorm. Came on quickly and is now moving across the state. Weather notifications have been up for a while too.

Yeah, Ranger (my new dog) and I were about 7 houses from being done with his walk when out of no where it went completely dark, and a rain deluge. By the time we got in we where both soaked all the way through and took about 20 minutes to get us both dry.

Seems to be dying done around here for now.


We got lucky here. The storms passed north and south of us. Tornado spotted about 40 miles away around 4 PM.

Stay as safe you can, everyone. It’s crazy out there from what I’ve heard. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of you that it blows over without too much property damage or risk to life and limb.