We are back

Hi everyone! My husband Damanx and I, Cenedras (Rayelle, Ayraen ) are back and moved from Anor to Gladden. I have old characters in guild but not any of the moved ones. We are really just getting our feet wet so we aren’t in any hurry. I have been playing my hunter Antonella who is 102 atm. Damanx in typical fashion is playing a multitude of players LOL. I have to admit to being totally stuck and not really understanding where to go from here. I went from Minas Tirith where I received a quest to travel to the village of the whos or whatever they are called and completed all their quests then no more rings and they didn’t send me anywhere. I have no idea where to go from here LOL. Well if you see me on give me a wave :slight_smile:

Welcome back to both of you. :smiley:

Yes, message in Kinship chat, someone is sure to answer back!

Hey sorry I havent answered here. I broke my leg and it’s been a nightmare that is resulting in surgery in a week! Anyway I haven’t put my characters from Anor into kin yet! I need to do that.

Bummer. I hope your surgery goes well, and you have a full & speedy recovery.

Fingers crossed!