We all need ridiculous spirits!

I am such a fan of Abba songs. When Mama Mia came out I watched it for weeks and weeks …almost every night. It was such a joy to just indulge the joy! I don’t care what critics say, you just cannot not like something about this movie or batch of songs, including the sequel that came out as Mama Mia Here We go Again.

But the funniest of all is the fact that there is no plot.!! Who cares? Not me. I enjoyed it so much that I now own a copy of both videos.

And what’s not to like when wigs made the funniest appearance ever … :rofl:

Tumblir #5 said this:

the BEST part of mamma mia (2008) one of the greatest movies ever made:

the (purposeful?) lack of effort put into the flashbacks, just straight up putting a wig on 47 year old colin firth, 55 year old pierce brosnan, and 56 year old stellan skarsgard and saying they’re all like 20 (TWENTY) is a level of iconic very few movies possess

Oh an don’t forget the songs, DA SONGS!!!


Does that mean ‘if I wear a wig . . .?’

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