I couldn’t find any reference to this game in the OTG forums so I thought I’d just drop this here to let people know:

I’m adding this game to my long watch-list of “maybe it won’t suck.”


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Looks interesting enough, I thought it was a MOBA at first, but being an MMO type game I am more interested. I’m a little iffy about having to pick from pre-made characters, but I signed up for the closed beta. Willing to give it a try at least.

signed up just to see

Looks a bit like Torchlight. My interest is piqued. Signed up for Steam play.

Looked interesting except for the blurb ‘explore and collect!’ Collect what? Are they talking about loot drops or in-game purchases? I liked some of the character models but am always happier when I can make my own.

Yeah, we definitely have our peepers hooked on this game! :eyes:

I love surprise MMOs that are coming out in a relatively short time!

Throne and Liberty is another MMO that surprised folks with their release date announcement recently of ‘by June 2023’. :cowboy_hat_face: