I couldn’t find any reference to this game in the OTG forums so I thought I’d just drop this here to let people know:

I’m adding this game to my long watch-list of “maybe it won’t suck.”


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Looks interesting enough, I thought it was a MOBA at first, but being an MMO type game I am more interested. I’m a little iffy about having to pick from pre-made characters, but I signed up for the closed beta. Willing to give it a try at least.

signed up just to see

Looks a bit like Torchlight. My interest is piqued. Signed up for Steam play.

Looked interesting except for the blurb ‘explore and collect!’ Collect what? Are they talking about loot drops or in-game purchases? I liked some of the character models but am always happier when I can make my own.

Yeah, we definitely have our peepers hooked on this game! :eyes:

I love surprise MMOs that are coming out in a relatively short time!

Throne and Liberty is another MMO that surprised folks with their release date announcement recently of ‘by June 2023’. :cowboy_hat_face:

I think they’re having some kind of beta event atm. I got an email about signing up more people. Just send $50 cash to this address. There’s more down the road a bit too but I’m not 100% certain its a true MMO from what I’ve read lately.

I got an email too but it just said to go into Steam and re-signup for the beta, no dates that I saw.

It was from an article on one of the gaming news sites. I think it said it is running until March 6.


DLing now. I didn’t see anything about an NDA so I’ll post if it stays safe and anyone is interested…

edit: There is an NDA so I’ll shut up now :confused:


Nerds Don’t Ask :slight_smile:

So I don’t see anywhere to preorder this game. I looked on their website and in Steam. I guess they are waiting till after the closed beta?

Nevermind, I found it or maybe they updated their store page. Gettin’ old maybe… heheheh

another edit: OMG, wrong game, hit 60 and my mind is gone already… still don’t see a preorder for Wayfinder…

You young pups. It’s fun seeing you tearing around the park with all that energy!

oh yeah, I feel very young hobbling around, but at least I don’t need a walker… yet!!! :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this awhile ago and thinking it looked like Torchlight and Wildstar (rip) had a baby.

There’s another beta starting today and running until Sunday. I think if you order you can get in. Yup, pay to test their game! It’s the new standard. (NDA is still in effect)

edit: It’s over and supposedly the NDA is still in effect but I’ve been reading reviews of it on some MMO sites that don’t care if it’s still active. Since Integrity is my middle name (or probably should be…I think it’s actually IncrediblyLazy) I won’t say what I thought at this point.