Was just wondering where Tony Z had got to, then this

I’m probably too cynical but to me it’s clear there’s a lot of competition and tension between Chris and Tony. Chris talks over Tony pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

Starting to sound to me like a real money sink, paying for absolutely everything. Not really a surprise but it’s going to be really interesting to hear the final costs of insurance, missiles, etc.

Aslo, BTW, where did everyone go on this forum?

The forum is pretty much dead since the move. This new format is not very conducive to conversation like the old one was. Not sure why, perhaps it is just the feel of it.

Anyway, I see where people get that about TZ and CR, but ultimately it was CR who brought TZ into the company and into the project. There may be some tension there but it isn’t anything that will disrupt development. If anything it is healthy for development.

I am not too worried about costs. Right now there are so few money sinks in the game, we will likely be building up cash pretty quickly when persistence is in place.

Thanks Sim, yes it’s such as shame about this forum. I personally find it really visually confusing, never really understand which threads are new, active, etc, so tend to not bother at all. Thanks for contributing though, I’m actually really enjoying just tooling around in 3.5.1

Still hanging around. I post from time to time, not sure what I don’t like about the new forum but I just don’t. I think the reality of the length of Star Citizen development is also a contributing factor at least in our little corner. (Not meaning to disillusion anyone or come off as disillusioned, dev takes time, and it has been fascinating to see all of it taking place.)

I meant to watch the video when it first posted but never got around to it. Thanks for reminding me!

The same for me. I guess I gotten disillusioned about Star Citizen somewhere along the line. I still read this forum to keep informed but that’s it.

It is a long term commitment.

Most people knew that going in, but the reality of it is still more than expected.
We are inundated with “Early Release” and “Pre-Release” and “Tech Demo” versions of games these days. It is the new model, put something out quick that mostly works and has a few basic features then build on feedback from the users. It is literally the core of the Agile development model.

But with Star Citizen we get a taste of development that is not even at the level of Early Release. This is still at a stage where most companies are extremely tight lipped and not talking about the project. There are lots of reasons for that, some projects never make it past this stage and fall to the cutting room floor as failed project.
But Star Citizen cannot fail. It doesn’t have that option. So we see it at the infancy stage (well, maybe toddler stage at this point) when most games would be hidden away under strict NDA and only available to a handful of developers that are working on it. Other developers would not even know what the game is about, they would be black box coding features and plug ins and such.

So even though we all knew that this was a long road, out experiences with other games still did little to prepare us for exactly how long this road will be.

It is easy to become disillusioned, or even jaded by the time it is taking to develop.

Some would say we are behind schedule. There is an argument to be made for that, but I strongly disagree. We are right on schedule.

I was able to test some of the new hover mode mechanics on the ETF build this week. Even with as small a patch as 3.6 looks to be, it has huge leaps forward. the new flight model was a great improvement, and now with hover and VTOL we will have something that makes atmosphere feel like atmosphere.

It is no secret that I am a big fan and huge supporter of the game and its dev team. But I am equally critical of them when they screw up. Overall, I have to say that they are doing a great job and making one hell of a game.

But even saying that, I want it now just as much as everyone else :wink:

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Haven’t checked into the forums for a bit but been keeping up with the patches and such. I’m guessing there will be a bit of in influx for a month or so when persistence hits then will rely on the content after that. I for one look forward to actually being able to earn and not lose it every update.

Well look at me, posting twice in a week :wink:

Let me start by saying I want this game to succeed. If not for me then for others whom invested way more than me. Let me also state that I’m no developer so I haven’t got an idea of the needed time frame.
However, when I bought the game iirc we were told 3-4 years of development, release 2017. Expected date is now 2020 for SQ42 with no date for SC

I unfortunately disagree that this game can not fail. It can once the money runs out. I’ve no idea if this is a risk as you read different things on different websites.

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Let me clarify what I mean when I say it cannot fail.

Sure, it can fail in the sense that the money runs out and the game is not finished. Sure.

But I was speaking from the point of view of the development cycle. Many games can fail at the start because someone doesn’t agree with the vision, or the right people are not in place to make certain features happen, or a list of things. And for those reasons a game can fail before it ever is known to the public. that option was never available to SC because it was known from the start. so some of the common blockers that would end a game before it starts were not things that would allow SC to just end. those blockers HAD to be overcome.

Does that make sense?

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It does. And in the beginning I found it interesting to read about the development cycle. However as a layman that didn’t hold my interest for long.
That’s why I now stick to OTG for my information. It is nicely “translated” for me so I understand it better.

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