Any old gamers out there? I’m 63 and play Warzone daily. My buddy is 65. I’m a little better than average and he’s well below average but we have fun playing and do win every now and then…

I’m 72 and still hang on to WOW…

Too many children in this guild. I am 72, still play ESO (occasionally but not lately) NW, Lost Ark (not really my style but entertaining enough every now and then)just finished the Worldslayer DLC to Outriders and am currently into another iteration of Division 2. The only reason I do not play more is it interferes with my workout schedule (hot here so I have to be very careful to pick my times), my cooking. my reading (found some great new authors and I tend toward historically based game of thrones sword and board ) and my afternoon nap. Remember, when you rest, you rust.

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Thanks for the reply… Warzone is about all we play. occasionally BF 2042

Well, all of what I said was solid,…umm well the nap part was. I will have to try Warzone and BF 2042, thanks for referring me to it. In all truth I try to keep that schedule; sometimes not as faithfully as I should. LOL

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Wow, I got all excited there for a second. Thought people had rediscovered Warzone 2100…lol


Few of us play BF 2042. You can find us in Discord in the BF channel which is right above the COD channel. In the evening we have anywhere from 2-5 people playing. Once BF started to tank we hit BF1 & 5 pretty hard, but back to 2042 for season 1. I don’t play COD, but a couple of the guys who play BF do.

Hi, playing COD almost every day. Haven’t been in Warzone since the current release of COD. Just downloaded 2042 and BF5. Going to give that a go. Will hop on Discord as well to see what is going on…