Warships Invite

Trying to get an invite to the World of Warships Clan. Put an app in under my username “zenshooter”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, if someone else doesn’t get you before then I’ll get you tonight during my normal play session. Thanks for the heads up.

Done Provoke. Welcome.

Thank you kindly, Sir…

Need an invite back to Clan, decided to dust off my ships.

Done. Welcome back.

To make room for other people that might want to re-join, I just dropped Dificeman and NoPhate. Dificeman had been a member for 433 days, and last logged on 432 days ago. No Phate was a little better having been in clan for 570 days and last on 431 days ago. We, the leadership, reserve the right to make room for new membership by removing members who have not participated in a long time.


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