WARHAMMER (The Fantasy Novels)

I want to get into this but where do I start. I prefer to read in chronological order. But if there is an awesome story like that would draw me in and make me want to read them all, that would be awesome too…lol

40k > Fantasy.

Not sure really, I played the Fantasy game some, but played a TON of 40K. Best bet is go to the GW website and their Black Library. Think they list dates of their novels. If not, go to a book store and open a few novels up. They usually list novels in order in the first page or two.

Here’s a link I found that also has a link to Black Library.

Warhammer Novels

I bought Warhammer Total War 2 so I want to do some background reading. The game looks awesome but I have no idea who these characters are or why they are cool enough to be in a total war game…LOL

I looked at the Black Library and signed up for the newsletter. They have a lot of books but no advice on where to start for a complete newb. There are hundreds of books.

First, I’ll read the Warhammer fantasy series then I’ll read 40k as I love fantasy more than sci-fi.

So which to read first? Decisions, decisions.

Hmm, ok I’ll read The Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus as these are the first in the race selection screen in TW:WH2…lol

Just bought it. :slight_smile:

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