Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning

Been awhile since I’ve been playing any games online but started playing WarHammer Online. It looks like some people in EU made a deal with Mythic and GamesWorkshop to be able to keep a server live for free as long as they don’t charge or make money from it.
Just wondering if OTG has any guild or people playing it already.

I played it a long time ago and it seemed that they had a miner in the code as I could see it running in Task Manager, so I uninstalled it. I did play Warhammer Online when it first came out and I liked it but Bright Wizards to me were OP and Black Orcs kinda sucked which is what I wanted to play. Not sure if they rebalanced it or not but I would hope so.

Yeah, it looks like they have updated the classes a bit and added some other things as well.

My only concern would be if they still had a miner running in the background or not. I don’t know that they are now.

I haven’t seen or heard about anything like that.

like I said, it was a few years ago when I installed WO AoR and I found a miner running in the background when I was running the game, so I uninstalled it. That was then. If you install it, just check your task manager for what is running before and after you start the game and see what extra processes are running if any.

I played probably 4-5 year ago. It was a lot of fun. At the time they were changing the balance every now and then and different classes would rise to the top for a bit. The player base would balance itself since you can have both order and chaos characters. If one side was dominating a lot of people would switch to the other side and even it out.

The European hours were always busier than NA peak hours. Not sure if that has changed. It was a tad bit different then live due to the tweaks here and there. I had fun, but playing solo I only lasted about 3-4 months compared to live with OTG I basically went from start to end. It’s still my favorite MMO. Too bad Camelot Unchained hasn’t gone anywhere.

Forgot this even existed. Really enjoyed the game many years back. Downloading now and am going to give it another shot. If anything, to enjoy it until the nostalgia wears off lol.

Well, if anyone is interested I started a new guild called LoreKeepers on the Destro side.
It’s only level 4 at the moment but I usually play periodically throughout the day.

I’ve been playing a bit here and there, I’ll check in hopefully…Destro side? Is there any other? :smiley: