Wargaming's "Save Batfish! Bundle"

Wargaming posted up a news item today, in case there are some who don’t read the game news but do visit the OTG forums, about a fundraising effort in support of the Muskogee War Memorial Park’s USS Batfish preservation efforts due to flood damage earlier this year.

While they state “Bundle Available Until: Sat. Jan. 25 2:00 AM PT” and “100% of bundle sales go to Muskogee War Memorial Park”, they also have “Only a limited quantity of patches are available!” and a counter near the top of the page showing “14,151 Patches Remaining (Updated Daily)”. (On the actual donation page in the store the number is evidently current, for me, before I bought mine, it showed 13189.)

I appreciate efforts like this with 100% of the raised funds going to the fundraising recipient. The patch (“planned for release before the end of February 2020”) also looks like something that I might use in the future if the upcoming subs are an enjoyable addition to the game. :sunglasses:

Link to article: Save USS Batfish - Fundraising for the Muskogee War Memorial Park

NOTE: The bundle above reserves an in-game patch which will be released in Update 0.9.0. It will not be available immediately after bundle purchase. Final in-game patch may vary from image above.

Only a limited quantity of patches are available!

Thank you for considering this charity purchase to help with the repairs of USS Batfish! With the purchase of this package you will get the following:

  • One of each special signal: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Scylla, Basilisk, and Leviathan.

You will also receive the USS Batfish combat patch, which will be delivered to your account once it is added into the game. Please note: the patch is planned for release before the end of February 2020.
100% of the proceeds from your purchase for this package will go towards the Muskogee War Memorial for use in repairing the vessel after it suffered storm damage.
Thank you for your considerate and charitable donation!