Warframe Equalizer contest!

Well its time for another survival challenge folks and all otg members of all mastery rank are welcome to participate. I will run the contest as long as i have at least 10 people signed up.the last day for signup is August 25, as well i will post the Mod cap based on entrants that day. When:? Sept 1-7 log into discord to set up a day/time to do your run with myself or findywen. The winners will be announced on sept 8th.
The challenge is to survive on v prime the longest. 1st place will get their choice of 3 prizes 1 from each category or up to 3 weapons. 2nd place will get 2 prizes 3rd will get 1. All prizes are prime sets withe a few exceptions. the rules are as follows.

  1. Only UNRANKED starter frames. they are volt, excal and mag. you must have a unranked frame no forma. If you need help farming mag or excal please ask any guildie in discord for help.
  2. Only UNRANKED mk1 weapons allowed all can be bought for credits on the market.
  3. No Operator or focus abillities at all. they can easily be switched off for the mission.
  4. No exilus slot. Auras and melee stance mods are allowed.
  5. No maiming strike or argon scope. these are extremely powerful and very rare. new players will not have them so they are forbidden for this contest.
  6. The the total mod capacity for your Warframe and weapons will be equal to the lowest mastery player who signs up. AKA if the lowest mastery person in the contest is MR 10, then you may only put 10 points worth of mods on you warframe and weapons(10 points each)
  7. No arcanes
  8. You must make it to evac for your run to count. Your judge will screenshot your time.
  9. if stalker or a syndicate spawn in your mission its a automatic restart, unless you think you can take them…
  10. No items from the gear wheel at all and no pets or sentinals.
    There will be 2 “judges” me Thormbus and Findywen. One of us will group with you. you will need to be in discord with us and send a screenshot of your build(via discord chat)then we will enter the mission, and immediately kill our self, we are just there to make shure the rules are followed.
    What are the rewards you may ask we have 3 categories prime warframe sets, prime weapon sets and a few other things.
    Prime Warframes: Ash, Banshee, Chroma, Ember, Equinox, Frost, Hydroid, Limbo, Loki, Mag, Mesa, Mirage, Nekros, Nova, Oberon, Rhino, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr, Vauban and Volt.
    Prime Weapons: Akbolto, Akstilleto, Akbronco, Aklex, Ankyaros, Ballistica, Boar, Boltor, Bratton, Burston, Cernos, Dakra, Destreza, Dual Kamas, Euphona, Fang, Fragor, Galatine, Glaive, Gram, Hikou, Kogake, Kronen, Latron, Nami Skyla, Nikana, Orthos, Paris, Pyrana, Reaper, Redeemer, Rubico, Scindo, Sicarus, Silva and Ageis, Soma, Spira, Stradavar, Sybaris, Tiberon, Tigris, Tipedo, Vasto, and Venka.
    Other stuff:Carrier, Helios, Kavasa prime collar, Wyrm, Odanata, Legendary Fusion Core, Maiming Strike, 3 unranked arcane grace , 3 unranked arcane energize.

I’ll sign up for this, still need Nova Prime.


im in!

Fine; count me in, too.

I’m in.

Signed up

Looks Like fun - I’ll make a run

I’ll give it a shot

I’ll try this.

Me me me me me me me me!!!

Sign me up, I will give it a try

I’m in

Equalizer contest is now live! The mod cap for the event is 10. Message Thormbus or findywen in discord to make your run. Good luck to all!! Contestants are: