Warframe advice

So I recognize that any advice is subjective in nature and I do not want to put anyone on the spot. Let me tell you where I am, and some ideas I have on my next Warframe and a few weapons–maybe. I suspect I am far away in time from Edilon hunting so I am primarily concerned with a solid , survivable, high DPS warframe and associated weapons.
Currentley l am MR 3, Excalibur at 26.(will take it to 30)

I am looking at a Chroma ( Ice build) or a Rhino next. Weapons are a bit iffy but so far I seem to do well with duel wield axes and a rifle. Looking at playing with a Fragor (sp?) as I have a the blueprint and I want to experiment with a hard hitting 2 hander. (Understand a Leston may be the way to go in future) I still have no solid Idea of what I am doing but I am still learning.

So ideas for next Warframe? and associated weapons?

Maybe I am looking at the wrong things–should probably be more into Mods and all those things I do not yet understand–but I feel I need a solid Warframe to advance ( not that there is anything wrong with Excaliber–just want to switch up)

Well fin you should look to getting rhino 1st hes a much easier farm and a lot easier to understand/build then chroma. As far as weapons go at mr3 you should be lvling everything you can get your hands on. if your looking for a weapons that you can get at low lvl that you can use to kill higher lvl mobs, the Hek (mainhand shotgun) and the lex (pistol) are a good place to start. if you want to get a little more in depth hit me up on discord theres just to much to type. Im on most days 10am est for about 1 hr then 12noon till 3 on weekdays. If you catch me online ill gladly go over builds with you.

I second the Rhino.

I’m only MR6 (just got it last night) but most of that has been on the back of Rhino, Boltor, Othos and a Carrier with a Sweeper. Tanky, lots of bullets into enemies, a melee weapon with ridiculous range and a companion that sucks up everything in a 20 mile radius. It’s not the most powerful or the best and I’m starting to hit the limits of where I can take that combo but it’s served me well for quite a long time. :slight_smile:

Looking through the options I suspect I will go with Rhino also–and I am leveling almost every weapon --should probably go back to initial issue weapons and finish those off–but they seem so–gimped :).

I really like this game, because–it is really a set of instanced play–missions I mean–so I can put it down after an hour and not feel as if I am missing the persistent world, then pick it back up. Am getting a bit hooked though–it does sort of grow on you.

Thanks for your suggestions.