Warcraft Rumble

After finding out the hard way that “OTG” was a very popular guild name (doh) we have a Rumble guild called “OldTimersGuild”. If interested in joining, please request in game and let us know here or on the Discord #mobile-games channel and we will add you!

Please include Blizzard Name when applying and posting here or on Discord!

9/15 members so far. Not sure if it can increase with progress.

Sent a request to join in-app Rillarri #1280

Will get on a bit and get you in!


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I just requested access

Need Blizzard name. Don’t see anyone named “lucky” or similar.


Just went through applicants and don’t see it.

Lucky is your name in-game too? Please request again.

Make sure it is “OldTimersGuild” (no spaces).

I just resubmitted an app to join. ‘Oldtimersguild’ with 11 members. My bliz ID is Lucky#1701 and my in game name is Lucky.

Apparently it’s a bug. Working through possible workarounds now. I am getting the “Generic User Error Title” bug.

I accepted it last night… did you get in?

Yep. I am in. Appearently there are still some bugs they are working out on the client that makes some poeple randomly get a “Generic User Error Title” (yes that is the actual name of the error) message when doing things in the game. I was getting it repeatedly and that was what was messing up my request to join.

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Bigred is applying

You’re in!

Guild is full. Not sure if we can increase size or not. Looking into it but will start a second guild if enough people interested.

Cricket#1562 looking to join rumble guild

Sorry for the delay. Was waiting to see if anyone else was interested but at this point if not, guess we will see if we can make room. Stay tuned.

Will look into it, I may have to start a gofundme so I can transfer my 13 characters to the OTG server if the wow guild is active. :slight_smile:

Uh I think we’re talking apples and oranges here lol

We have a spot so go ahead and apply and let me know when you do.