Wanting virus protector advice

not trying to be political just playing it safe. removed Kaspersky and installed avira for now may go back to Norton’s

Honestly, unless you often visit super dodgy websites, the built-in Windows Defender antivirus/firewall is perfectly fine.

Another anti virus solution is not really going to add all that much, and will almost certainly have a performance impact.

It’s not 10 years ago anymore, where the Windows solution was garbage :slight_smile: It now actually outperforms most commercial solutions.



I use;

for cookies but if pay it does more.

I agree with Daelvil. Defender is free and works good enough for basics. For an add on the best out there right now is PCMatic. Using a white list foundation will always beat a black list as updates won’t be a problem. If something is not updated yet on a white list you just can’t get it. You don’t want the newest thing slipping in because a black list is not updated and it changes so fast these days. Malwarebytes is still a good product too I think.

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I read they have been on the ban list for Federal agencies and contractors since around 2017. Agree with you on wanting to play it safe.

added Norton’s for now. took off Kaperspy. =)

You have to be careful if you are using windows. Any 3rd party anti virus in most cases will fight the windows anti virus software, this wont just reduce effectiveness of the anti virus but will also hit performance.

We subscribe to the Bit Defender Family plan and VPN. It was just the easiest thing for an all in one. It’s only like $100 a year. I’ve never had any issues.

I like it because it’s non-intrusive, highly customizable, and doesn’t slow our PC’s down (we’re also running modern hardware, so user experience may vary)

We use a combo of Windows Defender and Bitdefender on PC and Bitdefender on our mobile devices.

Windows Defender by itself is also a safe choice. It’s had many improvements over the years.

Adding security extensions to your web browser, like Privacy Badger, Facebook Container, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials also makes a difference.