Wanting to run Roll 20 5e Campaign Prisoners of Velkynvelve Roll 20

Since in this game the Drow are capturing Surface and Underdark creatures for Slaves ect… I would allow any class or race that could effectively start at 2nd level, not any homebrew. As for times available I am able to play anytime except Thursday Evenings. Please PM me times you may be interested in so i can assemble a group Thank you.

Prisoners of Velkynvelve is a Campaign that starts at 2nd level , and levels to 15 with milestone I also use Discord for voice. It starts in the Underdark, races may be all the normal ones plus Deep Gnomes, Duergar, Kua-Toa, Tiefling’s, and Drow are allowed. You all may know each other this is your choice.
You were captured on the surface world by the Drow and are in prison in the Underdark. The cold feeling of the steel around your neck and the shackles irks you but it does not affect your movement.
You are in a rather large cavern with a 15 foot ceiling and a heavy Prison Door made of oak wood, and a small window with bars about 6 inches square about 5 foot up on the 6 foot door that swings inward. There are 9 others here besides the party. Even a Drow follower of Loth who is rumored had killed his superior. It is also rumored a contingency from the Drow capital city is on it’s way to take you all to the Spider Queen herself some of you will be slaves, others sacrifices or even Food. There is also a rumor between the guards about an attack on the surface world for slaves and sacrifices. All your starting gear is in a chest somewhere nearby! Daily you are divided into 3 groups to preform the daily tasks needed to keep the fort clean and running efficiently.