Wall of PvE Progression: "The Bragging Hole"


The shrivelled Nature is what got us… it was chaining on Neyland everytime we go into the barrier phase and wed be stuck outside with half dps and half heals.



This was everyone but Eli’s first legitimate M10 attempt.

This mutation combo is brutal. The icebound that freezes you in place can be really badly timed in combo with the Censored Rings then a stacked explosion on a melee group that is rooted. It nearly wiped us several times.

First Full Guild M10 Gold

First clean M10 Gold Run

Group: Gr33nmonk (Tank), Awduum (Heals), Cruman (DPS), Colarnin2 (DPS), ManuelB (DPS)

And then M5…

@Colarnin @Cruman @manuelb @gr33nm0nk

:clap: :clap: :clap: Great Job :clap: :clap: :clap:
@Colarnin @Awduum @Cruman @manuelb @gr33nm0nk


First M5 and M6 Golds for Tech, Kenai, Talia Raza, and Dame Jennifer

Congratulations @Klar (Bartimous), @Colarnin, @manuelb, and @Aaron_IRL


First M3 Gold Awd and War