Wall of PvE Progression: "The Bragging Hole"

Forgot to post last week.

My first Ennead Gold M2. Completed on 11/12/22 with Overgrown.

My first Ennead Silver M3. Completed on 11/12/22 with Overgrown and Oppressive.


Honda’s First M8 Gold

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Up to date as of this post.


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Got my first M10 Gold with a random pug group (after two M9 Golds with them).

Alexalyn’s First M7

@Dame_Jennifer (tank) @Talogarr (heals) @manuelb @Mathias311 and @Colarnin (DPS)

@Dame_Jennifer (tank) @Talogarr (heals) @manuelb @Mathias311 and @Colarnin (DPS)

My first Depths Gold M10. Completed on 12/02/22 with Hellfire, Barbaric and Censored II.

First Gold mutation with a pug group!

First gold in Depths Mutated. Apparently Mutation 3 is where I get lucky. This was the smoothest pug group I ran as well.

Spreadsheet updated from posts to this point.

As usual review your progress and provide an update if this is not current!

My first Starstone Gold M7. Completed on 12/08/22 with Overgrown, Barbaric and Fiendish I.

My first M9 Ennead. Completed on 12/10/22 with Icebound, Savage and Desiccated II.

Spreadsheet updated and up to date as of this post.
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Neyland (Tank)


First M10 Gold.
First time running 50 Con.
First time running Light in Gen.
First time 4 DPSing Gen.

Aether & Alex first M2 Gold

Beta Groups first M10 Gen Together w. a pug.