VR gamers?

Heya all, so I am finally getting around to making use of the Steam Index I bought last month. It sat around in the box for weeks before I finally pulled it out and got it all set up. I’ve been playing Half-Life Alyx and really enjoying it, loving the immersion of VR. I’m wondering if there are any other VR gamers around that are interested in doing any co-op VR gaming. I’ve got a few co-op games already like After The Fall, Arizona Sunshine and Dead Effect 2. I’m also open to picking up a new game here and there if anyone has a co-op game they are into.

So if anyone is into VR gaming and wants to try some co-op stuff, hit me up!

I don’t really use my VR that much (My girls do), Alyx was cool. Didn’t finish because I realized I’m not a big fan for standing up for a couple hours. It’s fun to pick up the bodies and turn them around for ammo, etc. I’m basically playing just the stand along games on the Quest here and there. I can only wear that thing on my face for about an hour and It’s hard to find my spit cup with the VR on.

I checked out Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrice becuase I finished it previously and really enjoyed it. It looks great in VR and if you can find on the cheap look into it, but mainly I’ll mess around with Quest games; Beat Saber, Rocky’s Boxing, a couple sports games, etc. I’ve been meaning to check out Skyrim, I just keep putting it off.

Index, nice!

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