Virtual Hiking or things I miss with lockdown

Seems its a YouTube thing when I looked I found this video Arthur seat Edinburgh’s extinct Volcano was a place I regularly visited as a child and as an adult, but with lockdown it is now mostly closed .

This for me is a wonderful experience as it brings back so many memories. If you feel stressed at all I highly recommend watching all this video as it shows Edinburgh, voted by many of its visitors as a beautiful city, and is bang in the middle of a bustling capitol city.

I hope you all can spare an hour of your time to watch this

I have also included the wiki for Arthurs seat which was carved out by a glacier 2 million years ago

Hope you enjoy


Thanks for this. I have walked this trail but not with this much sun. Are you from Scotland. Such a lovely country.

Yes I was born in Edinburgh and have spent all my life there, glad you enjoyed it

My husband’s clan is on the Isle of Mull. We always hope to visit one day for a clan gathering. It’s a beautiful country, plus you have my undying gratitude for coming up with deep fried Mars bars. :yum:

you should try the deep fried cream eggs too :smiley:

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One of my guild leaders in GW2 lives in the outskirts of Edinburgh. She has the loveliest accent and word choice. Cherrio…