Video Games Category on Jeopardy!

Good for a quick chuckle. Last category, hmm.

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well at least the ones answered were fairly close… >.<

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Saw this. Shook my head at some. I didn’t know a couple.

le siiiiigh

Heh… I missed most of them, but got the $600 question!

I knew most of those! I didn’t know Destiny (shame shame), but got the rest (with an assist for my hubby on Fortnite. He knew Destiny too)

I got the Destiny one wrong as well. Got the rest tho. :nerd_face:

Well, I guess we’re making progress in being “mainstream” when gaming shows up on Jeopardy. :slight_smile:

Not mainstream enough, though, seeing as no one knew the answers. I only knew about half of them, come to that.