Vertual reality

Getting an Oculus rift S in a couple days ( Christmas money don’t ya know) one of the reasons I bought Star Citizen all those years ago was it was supposed to support VR. Does anyone know if it does?

I don’t believe it’s officially supported, but I think it may be possible through 3rd party software like VorpX. I just saw a video on setting it up on YouTube:

I would definitely recommend more research on it… I haven’t pursued it myself because (despite having an oculus) I am fairly confident my graphics card wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Kinda funny. I purchased SC a long time ago, or at least a ship. I also quit holding my breath on it a long time ago now. But I did purchase ARK becuase it advertised it would be in VR and it never made that transition.

I hope you enjoy the Oculus, VR is a step beyond ‘normal’ gaming, it makes it ‘active’ gaming. Top game out for VR right now is HalfLife Alyx!

Star Wars Squadrons is also really good in VR. It’s the first game in a while that really drove me to pull the Oculus out of storage!

I think of VR as a gimmick right now. I haven’t tried a VR set with SC, but it’s generally fun for short periods of time. The devices are still too heavy and claustrophobic to be used for hours.