Vendor Shuffles are Dying post 9.2.7

With 9.2.7 the AH has merged within each region allowing for all commodities to be available to every server. This has allowed for overall pricing to drop as more materials are now available to everyone.

In response to this Blizzard, with the reset, raised the price of Penumbra Thread from 9gp to 11gp.
Exalted Rep had a discounted price of 7.2gp raised to now 8.8gp.

This effectively has squashed vendor shuffling for Tailoring & Leatherworking.
(Buying mats → crafting item → vendor item for $$)

For example: Tailoring could at a low price of Shrouded Cloth craft a Shrouded Robe that would vendor for 49.86 gp. With Thread being 7.2gp, you could net 6.86 gp when cloth was 1gp. Now with the new thread price, you lose -1.14gp. It is no longer a beneficial activity.

Now near the end of every expansion, you look at your bank and realize you have a ton of mats that have stockpiled over time. (I currently have over 10k Shrouded Cloth) that you need to clear out before the next expansion release.

Since my cloth cost is 0gp, my only cost is buying thread. At 7.2 gp, I could net 13.86gp per item. It has now dropped to 5.86 gp (still a net positive).

But now we discuss the amount of time it takes to generate money.

It takes about 4 seconds to craft a robe, so 15 robes/minute.
(This isn’t taking into account max bag space and the time to vendor the Robe)

So over the course of an hour, I use to be able to make 12,474 gold.

It has dropped 57% to 5, 274 gp/hr.

If you had a second WoW account that could just stand by and do nothing this might still make sense. But on a single account, there are better things to be doing with your time.

Blacksmithing is still viable for vendor shuffle if you are stockpiled on Laestrite Ore. Flux pricing has remained at the rep price of 7.2gp for now because the current Vendor Shuffle is a negative loss.

Ceremonious Breastplate is currently -1.26gp to craft & vendor. Using my own mats, I earn 37.14gp. If they were to raise flux pricing to match thread at 8.8gp, I would still be making 33.94gp per item.

I am currently acquiring these materials passively thru the Mission Table on 13 characters. So I will continue to empty bag space over time when I have some free time.

Meat & Fish have bottomed out in the market as well. Normally I could craft 25 Feasts per week and they would sell for 450gp each (11,250 gp). I would then buy the Soup Kettle for 250gp and use the remainder of the fish/meat assortment to craft Soup Feasts for M+ runs. (I was still 5,000gp up by doing this). Those days are done, Feasts have seen prices drop to 150gp this week. It is no longer profitable to sell feasts and craft Soups. My bank alt is slowly suffocating on Fish/Meat stacks that have no real value outside of the 6sp vendor price.

Bottom line - If your sitting on a stockpile of mats, you can still safely eliminate it for raw gold.
Just don’t be expecting to make the same amount you previously did before 9.2.7.


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Friedbones-Anvilmar: I suppose at this point I should have my tailor get busy making the 30 and 32 slot bags for folks to use in their banks since they most likely already have them in their backpack inventory group.

I don’t think enchants will age well either so if anyone wants any enchants, I can still supply those. I’ll need an in-game mail with a note attached asking for which enchants they want so I know who to send them back to.

Agnass-Anvilmar: My shaman is my alchemist/herb picker and I can make a lot of the flasks/pots, etc., that are used on a regular basis. If you need something, just send Agnass and in-game mail with a note listing what you need. Only caveat is if you have any flowers/herbs that you cannot use, you are welcome to donate to Agnass for this cause.

Nyls-Anvilmar: My hunter is my inscriptionist, but currently has not reached high enough level for the most recent rep contracts. Although she can provide those missives used in making legendaries.

If anyone needs anything she can provide, just send an in-game mail to her with a note listing what you need. Mats include inks which I can make as long as I have the flowers to make them from.

enchants will be needed thru season 4 as people get new gear thru Fated Raids & Mythic+

Flasks/oils/Cosmic Heal Pots/Heavy Armor Kits will also remain in high demand.

Nyls just needs to get busy and get those covenant rep contracts :smile:

Missives are still needed as people have to adjust Legendary locations based on gear drops

Ok, I’ll get Nyls into action. :rofl: Perhaps this thread needs to be posted in Discord too? (I’m currently fixing supper and getting the dogs fed and ready for their after dinner walk so I can get into the game.)

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