Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 incoming

Wow, this is awesome that they are doing a sequel with the original writer for is arguably one of the best CRPGs ever made, right up and maybe better than the KOTOR series to be honest.

A definite buy in my mind.

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definite buy!!! so hyped for this when i get paid I’m pre-ordering it:grin:

The original Bloodlines was a great game. Definitely going to get this.

Same. I never buy gold or whatever editions but this might be the exception…

The first one is in my top five games of all time. I hope this one does it justice. It was Troika that did the development the first time around. Great group of devs. I don’t know anything of the folks developing this.

Well this has my attention.
I played way too much Vampire back in the day. Tabletop, telnet, video game…

Same. One of my Top 5 tabletop games. I mean, the World of Darkness games overall.

I loved VB, so I have high hopes. Also, my hopes have been murdered multiple times before, so I have low expectations. shrug

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