Anyone still playing Valheim?? I made it to the queen in mistland (didn’t actually take it down yet). Didn’t like the direction the dev’s took the game with the dwarves so kind of fell off to the side.

I’m more of a gatherer than a builder or planner. I don’t mind gathering stone for castle wall, hunting tar pits for the shingles, or breeding the lux for the meat pies.

Let me know if you are looking for someone like that.

I have the PC version but haven’t played in a while. I just tried the Xbox version on Game Pass and ugghh, Valheim using a controller is terrible, at least to me…lol

I think we should add a new question to our recruitment, “Can you use a controller?” or maybe “Can you type on a cellphone with your thumbs?” Anyone who says yes is rejected. True Old Timers grew up before doing shit with your thumbs was necessary…other than making vulgar gestures.


As for the original question, I loved Valheim but ran out of things to do. I tried coming back for Mistlands but couldn’t get back into it for some reason.


OMG Cefwyn, how hilarious. :rofl: :laughing: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Heh - I had my first controller at age 20 (Magnavox Odyssey)… I’m 67 now. :woman_shrugging:

Sounds like you are trying to say some of us are older than opposable thumbs?? =)

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