Valheim Server?

Does OTG have a Valheim server? And if so, are there still any slots available? I can start new or port in a character .

Creedo has a server up. Info is in the Valheim thread of the OTG Discord.


Heyas, I’ve been playing Valheim. Have a server going. I don’t have a ton of hours into the game, but definitely find it much more engaging when there are more than one. Into the bronze age currently, have one other playing along, but haven’t seen them in a few days. I typically play quite a bit during the day and into the evening. I’m also retired, interested in slow steady progress. You’re welcome to join me if you like.

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I’m like you, slow steady progress (and exploring/building). I’m playing on the above mentioned server by Creedo. More info and chat on that in the OTG Discord-Valheim channel. That server had around 8? people at it’s peak, but has been dying as people either beat all the bosses and/or get bored and move on. Only around 3 of us somewhat regular now, least that I have seen. I’m debating with myself what to do next. Thinking of moving my main gear to my single-player game and starting new toon to explore a new world (although I would be sad to leave what I have built and my boars).

I bit the bullet and purchased a dedicated server. Found someone to play along with on Steam, but she doesn’t speak English. She has also done some things to seriously mess up my builds and not to complain too much is afraid of the swamps…there isn’t anything in game that can’t be cleaned up. You would be more than welcome to join my server if you like. I can give you my Discord details and send you server name and pw

Sure, send me the info. PM here or in Discord. Do you use voice in game or just text? I’ll drop by to say hi and see what you are up too. Not sure how much I’ll hang out though, as still playing on Creedo’s server and not quite ready to give it up. I only play for like .45m a few night a week. More on weekends.