Valentines Day sales and a New Concept Ship!

Love is in the air and it seems in space vacuum as well!

Today we see a sale for some ships and a Valentine skin for the Super Hornet.

Also we see the Argo SRV concept, a tug boat of a ship. Currently only open to concierge but expect it to go full sale tomorrow (Friday)
Links below

I bit… I got an upgrade for my Weekend Warrior Super Hornet package to a Heartseeker… I really hope the shade of red on it goes with my outfit!!!


I couldn’t help it an had to get the Argo SRV. Like the look of it and I believe it will fit my play style as a support class.

I swapped out my old argo pack for the new one, seemed an easy enough decision.


SO much for the other ARGO MPUV Modules.


I’m not happy about that.

rant on

…and bespoke integrated tractor system ensure that it’s ready for anything.

arghhhhh… I hate the broad use of “bespoke”; it is pretentious and incorrectly used.

Having pre-determined choices is not the same as custom made.

rant off

I still want the tug!

Well I would have more concern for it’s impact on the Hull A and Hull B Cargo haulers before thinking it will have an impact on the other Argo MPUV ships. I can’t see it being much use to move personnel around like that MPUV option (No life support, likely no protection for acceleration from the tractor = smooshed people), and the MPUV Cargo version carries it’s freight pods attached to the hull I seem to recall, which for all intents and purposes means it can get it docked and unloaded at a station and I can’t recall if it can land on a planet. Wereas the SRV can get things to the general area they need to be, but likely has no ability to fine tune where it’s load winds up. For example I can see it being able to get a broken down ship from deep space to an area of a station, but it might not be able to get the ship onto a landing pad. You might have to use multiple SRVs to be able to do that. So for a ship that works, but it would have to be super valuable cargo in the container to merit the expense of that to get the cargo to a place to unload it.

Now using it to move large freight containers from point A to Point B I can see which would impact what the Hull A and B would be used for in system and be considered competition. But then the SRV will have the added expense of having to power the Tractors to pull it. How that would compare to the Hull A and B expenses we will have to wait and see.

That is just my interpretation of the roles I see for this manufactures ships. I could be and am frequently wrong. (standard Mithinar Caveat)


Got an ARGO SRV as well. Various support roles. Liked that someone was thinking perhaps you could move a module made by the Pioneer to a spot that the Pioneer might not have been able to land.

Well, the Argo MPUV was supposed to have 4 modules - Cargo, Personnel, Repair, and something else. The point was that a large portion of the ship was the modular part. I feel a bit screwed and being asked to buy a $160 ship that’s almost 5 times the LTI Concept of the MPUV…

I’d be happy if, if they really needed the money - just ask me to buy a module pack for the ARGO for like 15 bucks.

Or better yet - give me the modules I expected.

Oh OK. I didn’t pay attention to the MPUV concept sale so I have no idea how it was marketed. Maybe when they post the question Thread on Spectrum you could ask how the SRV will affect the MPUV concept and its modularity that they had sold before given how they have them included as part of this concept sale as individual ships or something like that.



I decided to pop on and Put up a post in the Argo sub forum to see if the MPUV is still planned to be modular or if you now have to purchase all the different variants as ships. We will see what response we get about it.


The something else was medical.
It was supposed to be a medical transport something like a mini ambulance. Nothing as advanced as the Red or the Apollo, but in the case of say a dockworker getting hurt it could quickly transport them to the nearest medical facility. The idea being that where the other modules were in use there was the likelihood that someone could get hurt doing their job and swapping out one of the Argo modules to medical was fast and easy way to save a life.

I do not remember their ever being mention of a repair one though. I always remember their being 3.

I decided to pick up a CCU for one.
I have an old Misc racer in buy back that I can swap to a SRV if I decide I really want one at launch.

Overall I have changed my approach to purchasing ships though. Now I only go for the ships that I think will be difficult to obtain at or shortly after launch. Like the Merchantman for instance. I have a strong feeling that you will not be able to just walk up to a Banu dealership and buy one of these. It will be a ship that requires faction reputation building and that will take time. So I own 2 of them right now, one to keep and one to sell when the game is live. Then I take the profit from the one I sell and buy the easy to get ships, like fighters and support ships like the SRV, to build out my fleet.

It is a bit of a gamble because it may turn out that the BMM is as easy to buy as the rest of the ships once the game goes live. But I just don’t see CR or TZ allowing it to be that simple.