Valamar Memorial - 2-22-20 730pm Eastern

We are now going to honor Valamar in an in game ride, with fireworks and drinking from the keg in the Kinhall to see where Val sends us…

Saturday, Feb 22 7:30pm Eastern. Meet at the Prancing Pony in Bree. (Don’t forget to patch if you haven’t played in awhile)

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At Dalkin’s request, I posted a notice in Gladden subforum, as well, in case he had friends inthe wider community who might wish to join in. You can find it here:

I ended up in Forochel in Ita-Ma

Val sent me to Giant’s Needle

Drink two sent me to the Shire and I’m in the bog in the water sleeping. Thanks Val?

Thanks to those that came out! I really appreciated it!

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Sorry I wasn’t able to be there physically, as my computer is still updating the files…but I was with y’all spiritually. I mentally drank from the keg…ended up in Milwaukee for some strange reason! :slight_smile:

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