Usual wait time?

I’m seeing a lot of posts about joining taking a while. how long before you’re accepted into the guild usually?
looking to join asap :slight_smile: have a few smh things in my invy i want to sell to the guild wharf guy for funds. i know they go into guild bank, but they’re weighing me down lol

First you would have to submit an application through OTG community website, that is the part that takes a few days for the process to fully be done. Once your application is done with community then you would submit an interguild application that normally is processed fairly quickly.

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pretty sure i did the first part :slight_smile:

I see that you submitted an application for the community - this part takes a couple days to fully be processed once you name on the forums changes to blue (that means you are now a member of the community), then you can submit an inter-guild application for BDO Chapter.

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