Updating friends list

I am updating my in-game Star Citizen friends list, primarily so I can see when my fellow OTGers are active and join them for some cooperative play. If you don’t object to my adding you, please provide your in-game name. Thanks!

Zikker Here… I am sporadic when I join just depends on when I have time. I plan on jumping in once 3.15 releases to at least check out some stuff. What is your in game name?

My in-game name is Elranyar. From Quenya, “El” (star) + “Ranyar” (wanderer). Is your in-game name Zikker? May I add you to my in-game friends list?

Yes “Zikker”~

In-game friend request sent. I’ve been playing around in the PTU, getting used to the new inventory and other mechanics. I plan to spend quite a bit of time in-game once 3.15 drops into the PU, even though I’ll have to rebuild the fortune I acquired doing misisons.

Aleron_Trajan is my SC name. I haven’t been very active in game lately. I’ve been playing a lot of New World.

Roger that, in-game friend request sent. I plan to re-enter the PU once 3.15 drops, hope to see you in the 'verse!

Well I won’t be in SC anytime soon. My Gaming Rig died about 5 months ago right after I went out of work. Just got back to work yesterday. So will be a long while before I can afford to build a new one.

But we might already be friends since I think we did it when you still went by your H name. Unless it axed all friends when you changed. No idea.

Mithinar here and Mithinar there.


I guess it did clear my old friends list. In-game friend invite just sent.

For some reason just noticing this thread
Of course, please add CimTaurus in game!

Roger that, thanks! Friend invite just sent in-game.

Twistedvoid in game. im pretty hit or miss atm

Thanks! I just sent the in-game friend invite. I’m also hit-or-miss, although I’m trying to rebuild my aUEC fortune after the 3.15 wipe. :slight_smile:

Hi there Elranyar,

You can add me (Virgo in game) if you like. I’m more likely to be NOT playing until I can upgrade my computer so that the game is actually playable which may be a while out.

Well, Virgo is a very common in-game name. I picked the one that shows as Virgo@Virgo and I sent a friend request. I hope that is you?

mine is SpecialCircs

I think you got it right Elranyar but I can’t verify that since I think you have to be in-game to see the friend request.

Actually, you don’t have to be in game, you just need to be on the website, in Spectrum.

Ok thanks for that tip. You can see how rusty I am. Anyways have added you as a friend on Spectrum !

Everyone can add me. I’m on just about everyday. Ingame name same as here, Xquizitrush.