OK , so I did a round of AMARR agents to make sure I’m liked . I would like to head into the INDUSTRY path but think I should start by miming and selling that for the ISK. Is it better to reprocess the ore or sell in raw form. Yes I know I need to get on Discord and say hi. That is in the Eve Bar and grill area ? haven’t seen anyone on in there.

I would avoid industry/hauler missions personally, unless it’s a character that can’t do combat or you need that rep for industry research data chips.

By raw ore you mean compressed ore? It really depends on how far you need to move your minerals to market tbh. There’s not going to be much market in raw uncompressed ore unless it’s needed for faction missions that pop up every now and then for an implant. It’s usually only in those agent’s stations, selling a trickle at a time. It works if you’re in a heavy populated area with lots of mission runners doing that particular faction, but it’s a lot of work for very little returns. As far as compressed ore to minerals go, you’re not going to get much value out of the ore unless you refine it in nullsec and have all the skills/implant. Plus you need to haul the minerals to your market hub from where you’re refining from, which cannot be compressed. Compressed ore, doesn’t take any skill and it’s very easy to move since it’s well small. Something I want to add here people who do production usually buy compressed ore to refine themselves because moving minerals is a bitch.

As far as industry goes unless you’re making capitals and above or t2s the margins are usually pretty bad. The best production in the game is in nullsec, if that’s your goal aside from invention chips high sec is going to put you at a significant disadvantage.

Get into a mining ship and get on the guild moon mining. You’ll be rolling in ISKies.

I’ve got some PLEX I can sell you. :smile: Meet me in Poitot.

Right now all I have is a Venture, not sure heading into Poitot is a good idea right now . Or am I wrong ?

unless you’re familiar with lowsec i wouldn’t.

I died on my 6th day in lowsec in a venture.

Everyone should have that experience.

Just make sure your clone is set.