UPDATE: Major winter storm expected to strike before Christmas...please be safe

A major winter storm system is expected to strike much of the US days before Christmas, potentially snarling holiday travel as motorists and air travelers contend with heavy snow, powerful winds, and bitterly cold temperatures across several regions

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we were hit yesterday in toronto…lol

There is another on the way! Here in Michigan we are expecting major snow Friday and then snow and big winds on Christmas eve.

Yikes! Good thing the kittens and myself will be home together for Christmas. It’ll be just us but that’s fine. I got enough tuna for all four of them but the lasagna is all mine!

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays to those celebrating other important holidays too. :christmas_tree::heart:

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If north Georgia, we are expected to get to 7 and wind chill in the -10 range. Thats only happened twice in my life before and our homes are not winterized like up north. Its going to be a rough 72 hours. Our temps are expected to fall 35 degrees between 3am and 6am Friday morning.

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I hear you. We are just east of Atlanta in Snellville. Not as far north as the ice belt, but close enough we shall feel it.

I’ve got doggie sweaters for my two dogs, but they refuse to wear the booties…so their walks will be quick and short. Then the feet warming starts.

Good luck keeping warm. I’ve already got thermal under garments and double socks so I’m good. My son doesn’t feel the cold as much so I have to monitor it for him…we’ll be warm enough as long as we don’t lose power.

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I am up in Dahlonega so we are well in the badness. Blairsville is forecast for 3 degrees us 7 but they normally miss us badly. We are on the southside of the Apps so I am hoping it will help us. I just got done weather proofing as much as I can. Friday morning we will hunker down and not go anywhere unless we have too.

I hear you there. My son works from home so fortunately he does not need to leave the house. I’ll be hitting up the store tomorrow to grab some last minute emergency items then we too will hunker down.


Bread and milk? :slight_smile:

Been that was for my entire life. My wife, from out West, jokes about milk sandwiches. :slight_smile:

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We call it Thursday :wink:… looks like some snow on the weekend (Yay!). But seriously I was on top of a power plant the other day and she was a bit brisk in the wind.

Stay warm and safe folks! And don’t be in a rush.

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Try Gulfport Ms

It was 10 last night. It’s supposed to be 67 next Friday. Ah, Winter in the Carolinas. Temperature yo-yo.