UPDATE: Dragonflight Professions System Overview

I shall endeavor to keep updating on this information as Bliz rolls out more changes/updates for the new DF crafting systems they are developing. But for now here is what is available on wowhead:

My take away from my research into what is coming for crafted gear is that there is a difference
between crafted gear and embellished gear:

  1. ‘max level’ crafted gear (which is intended to be the equivalent of a mid range mythic raid boss)
  2. embellished gear (which has those same sort of stats plus another form of bonus or proc ~ think Progenitor Enhancements, longer potion lengths, the possibility of stat enhancement, or damaging an attacker, etc… . at best you might be able to argue that some of them are similar to set bonuses)

The cap is only on embellished gear hence you could theoretically be fully mythic raid geared just through crafting, provided you could farm up enough mats (sparks of imagination, infusions etc).

Item Recrafting:
Then you will have a new addition to professions in Dragonflight is the ability to recraft items - You can bring an already-crafted item to the crafting window, and by using a special reagent, plus a portion of the mats used for the original recipe, you will be able to recraft the item.

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Recently there was concern since many folks watching this on beta were worried that it would all be wasted efforts, but here is a blue post I just found on their forums

And he goes on to explain…

I love this! Crafting mats I can do. As long as they don’t have to be farmed in dungeons or raids. Do they? Need to be farmed in dungeons or raids? :grin:

Not sure about all the mats, I’ll have to research it to see what they would be. But keep in mind that the person asking for a pc of gear will submit a work order and the system as I understand it, will pull the necessary mats from the requester not the maker, especially items that are soul bound, etc.

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This is quite exciting!

This video is just dropped. For those of you who plan to pursue crafting professions, here is an over view that might be of interest.

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Kelani’s latest video has EVEN MORE info on Professions