Update 5.10.1 Wretched Hive coming 2/12/19

SWTOR Game Update 5.10.1 Wretched Hive is coming next Tuesday Feb 12.

Game Update 5.10.1 – Going Live February 12th “THE WRETCHED HIVE”

The Sith Empire’s ruthless assault on the Jedi colony on Ossus began with Darth Malora, who created her own breed of mutated Geonosian warriors to use as shock troops for the attack.

But before she created her insectoid army, Malora first had to create their master and originator. Left unguarded and unsupervised, this mutated Geonosian Queen is now unleashing countless waves of her monstrous spawn to dominate the planet’s surface!

Gather your most skilled and reliable friends to face this deadly challenge, acquire powerful new Masterwork weapons, and more!


A mutated Geonosian Queen stirs beneath the surface of Ossus, giving rise to an endless army of deadly monsters!
•The Mutated Geonosian Queen and her brood can be found inside of ‘The Hive of the Mountain Queen’ lair.
•Group together in teams of 8 or 16 players to tackle this fearsome foe on Story or Veteran difficulties!


Expand your arsenal with new Masterwork Weapons!
•Craft Masterwork Weapons using rescources gathered on Ossus and from defeating the Ossus Lair Boss.
•Also acquire Monumental Data Crystals with a new Weekly Quest to either defeat the Lair Boss in Veteran Mode or earn Solo Ranked Arena Points.


New rewards and token changes will be coming with the end of Season 10.
•Ranked tokens are no longer season specific, don’t expire across seasons, and can be used to purchase any available rewards!
•Starting with the end of Season 10 we will be bringing back old Seasonal rewards, purchaseable with Ranked tokens! First up the rancor, armor set, and more from Season 1.