Update 45 is Previewing

U45 Preview 1: 1/14-1/16

Everything seen on the preview server, Lamannia, is not final and is subject to change or removal before live release.

Hello, all! Preview 1 of Update 45 is expected to open in the afternoon (Eastern) of Tuesday January 14th! It is expected to remain open until sometime in the late afternoon (Eastern) of Thursday January 16th. There will be a dev event on Wednesday January 15th from 8-10 PM Eastern where members of the DDO team will be available to collect feedback and answer questions in real time on Lamannia.

This preview is expected to contain the following features:

•New Class: Alchemist
•Base Class and New Spells
•Bombardier Enhancement Tree
•Apothecary Enhancement Tree
•Vile Chemist Enhancement Tree

•Revamped “Catacombs” and “Delara’s Graveyard” Adventure Packs
•New Epic versions of both Adventure Packs
•Named Loot Pass (Including changes to the Heroic loot, as well as entirely new Epic Loot)

•Quality of Life Additions to the Shared Bank
•Balance Changes
•Two Handed Fighting Changes
•Ranged Combat Changes
•Knight of the Chalice Enhancement Tree Changes
•Other Balance Changes

•Miscellaneous Bugfixes and Changes

Full Release notes will be posted when the servers are brought up.

There are now 11 Dev threads in the Lammania News & Official Discussions forums about the release. Too much to bother cut and pasting. Heck not even sure if I’ll bother reading all of it now